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A-Premium Aged White Balsamic Vinegar


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This crisp, clean Balsamic Vinegar is another “GO TO” staple that should be in every pantry.  A classic Italian product with a taste that will delight your senses.  A crisp, tart vinegar with a touch of sweetness.  Extremely adaptable, it can be used with any EVOO.

VSOP’s Aged White Balsamic Vinegars are made in Modena, Italy using Ultra Premium grape must from Trebbiano & Lambrusco grapes. The must is not caramelized & the vinegar is aged in New wood barrels (which have not been fired on the inside) using the age old Solera Method. The result is a bit more acidic with a crisp, clean taste & a lighter color.


+ Basil EVOO

+ Garlic EVOO

+ Herbes de Provence EVOO

+ Tuscan Herb EVOO

+ Any of our EVOO Varietals


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