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Baklouti Green Chile Pepper Extra Virgin Olive Oil




Whole Fruit Fused Agrumato Method


From the Barbary Coast of North Africa. The Tunisian Baklouti Pepper is unique to this region and is very fruity & mildly spicy. Perfectly ripe, fresh whole green Baklouti Peppers and Organic Olives are crushed simultaneously to create this must-have to add a bit of zing & depth of flavor to any dish. This fused artisian EVOO can compliment a wide array of cuisines.

Terrific as a Marinade for Meat (Chicken, Lamb, Steak) or on Eggplant or in a Fish Stew with Vegetables. Add a little zip to your Omlets, CousCous, Quinoa or Hummus. Also works well with Seafood.

This Special EVOO has a Bright, Fresh Taste that will knock your socks off.



+ Honey Vinegar

+ Serrano Honey Vinegar

+ Honey Ginger WBV

+ Jalapeno WBV

+ Peach WBV

+ Traditional 18YR Aged Balsamic Vinegar



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