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Milanese Gremolata Extra Virgin Olive Oil





Gremolata is a traditional Italian Herb Condiment consisting of Fresh Lemon Zest, Minced Garlic, Flat Leaf Parsley & a hint of Mint. They are crushed together in a mortar & pestle to release their pungent essential oils.

Fantastic to Marinate Poultry, Fish or Seafood before Grilling. Traditionally served with Osso Buco, Veal, or on Lamb Chops.

Adds a zip of Flavor to Soups, Pork Roasts, or other Slow-Braised Dishes. Or use it as a finisher for your favorite Grain Salad (Quinoa, Millet, etc.)



+ Jalapeno WBV

+ Lemongrass Mint WBV

+ Sicilian Lemon WBV

+ Serrano Honey Vinegar

+ Traditional 18YR Aged Balsamic Vinegar

+ Honey Vinegar


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