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Olive Wood Smoked Extra Virgin Olive Oil




100% Natural, Raw & Vegan

NO artificial ingredients or refined carrier oils

Cold-smoked in small batches in Andalusia, Spain; savory notes of smoky olive wood are paired with our ultra fresh, ultra premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Like Liquid Bacon, that’s good for you. Buttery, Smoky & Peppery. The flavor of olive wood smoke is close to that of oak wood smoke. In Spain, olive wood is commonly used for Grilling Fish, Poultry, Meats and Vegetables.

It is great for Marinating Steaks and Brushing on Chicken, Seafood, or Vegetables before Grilling. Roast vegetables like Onions, Mushrooms, Potatoes or Brussel Sprouts.

Perfect in Sauces (like BBQ sauce), Soups, Pizza, and Pasta dishes. Can also be used to cook Eggs or drizzled over Popcorn.

Use it anywhere you would use Bacon or Bacon drippings.




+ Organic Garlic EVOO

+ Persian Lime EVOO

+ Jalapeno WBV

+ Sicilian Lemon WBV

+ Pineapple WBV

+ Honey Vinegar

+ Traditional 18YR Aged Balsamic Vinegar

+ Pomegranate DBV


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Large 750ml, Medium 375ml, Small 200ml