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Roasted Almond Oil


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Handcrafted in Small Artisanal Batches
Our Roasted Almond Oil is expeller pressed and lightly filtered from 100% California Almonds. It has an amazingly delicate nose and deep roasted flavor that is just exquisite. Mildly sweet with a rich nutty flavor, this oil is a rich source of Omega-9 fatty acids & antioxidants while being low in saturated fats.
With its high heat capacity of 420 degrees Fahrenheit, our Roasted Almond Oil is especially versatile as either a Cooking or Finishing Oil.
When combined with our Fig Aged Dark Balsamic Vinegar it creates a deliciously aromatic and earthy Vinaigrette.
Saute your favorite Vegetables with this oil or try Drizzling over Steamed Asparagus or Haricot Vert for an easy yet elegant side dish.


+ Cinnamon Pear DBV

+ Dark Chocolate DBV

+ Maple DBV

+ Raspberry DBV

+ Strawberry DBV

+ Sicilian Lemon WBV

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Weight 1.5 oz

Large 750ml, Medium 375ml, Small 200ml