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Smoked Chaabani Chile Pepper Fused Extra Virgin Olive Oil





Whole Fruit Fused Agrumato Method
Dried Red Chaabani Chile Peppers are smoked in Olive Wood fired kilns.  This Handcrafted Artisinal EVOO is made in Tunisia by crushing 88 lbs of smoked, whole, dried red Chiles with 2205 lbs of Olives . The oil & smoked chiles are fused for  hours before decanting to produce an amazing & very concentrated flavor. Packed with tons of flavor, not just heat.
Any Chile Lover will be in HEAVEN with this Oil!!!
Great with Chicken, Seafood, Beef or Vegetables. Perfect in Soups, Salsas, & Tapenades. Will spice up any BBQ recipe.
MILDLY SPICY & SMOKEY, but packed with tons of flavor…



+ Honey Vinegar

+ Serrano Honey Vinegar

+ Dark Chocolate DBV

+ Maple DBV

+ Honey Ginger WBV

+ Alfoos Mango WBV


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Large 750ml, Medium 375ml, Small 200ml